The French formal translation of ‘you’ – used to describe a group of people. Why vous? Because it’s all about you! Your family, your life, your goals, your future.

Puzzled about how to get through it?
Let us help you put the pieces together.

Here at VOUS we offer three main puzzle pieces of service:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Forensic Assessment/ Forensic Treatment

Training and Consultation

We specialize in helping children, adults, and families overcome challenges including the following:

  • Family court involvement
  • Separation and Divorce
  • High Conflict Separation
  • Child welfare involvement and youth ageing out of care
  • Inter-personal violence
  • Intra-familial sexual abuse /children with sexual behavior problems
  • Parenting challenging children
  • Incarceration, or being charged with a crime
  • Blended families


Vous FLC’s recommended reads: Maybe you Should Talk to Someone 264 400 admin

Vous FLC’s recommended reads: Maybe you Should Talk to Someone

Lori Gottlieb’s memoir https://lorigottlieb.com/books/maybe-you-should-talk-to-someone/ is an incredible deep dive into the mind of your therapist (how we practice, why we do or say the things we do, and how we are not as different from you as you might think). Lori gives us an intimate look at her own psyche as she attends therapy herself,…

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Vous FLC’s Recommended Reads: Highway Of Tears 273 400 admin

Vous FLC’s Recommended Reads: Highway Of Tears

This week we are kicking off with a new series of posts: Recommended books for our clients and colleagues! Each week we will be bringing you a book straight from Laura Pearl’s nightstand. Jessica McDiarmid’s Highway of Tears is an incredibly important and timely read. As a journalist, Jessica works to bring more awareness of…

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From Bug Juice to Behavior Change 1300 1300 admin

From Bug Juice to Behavior Change

Looking to capitalize on your child’s newfound independence when they return from summer camp? When kids return from overnight camp at the end of the summer, they return with skills, more independence, more maturity and the ability to complete more tasks on their own than when they left you. Summer can be a great time…

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